No. 4 - Earth, Wind & Remember: Dancing in September

Normally I don't like to work with super new songs for a lot of reasons: the stem quality is usually poor, lots of other DJs and producers make remixes, bootlegs, and mashups with the new material, listeners experience fatigue, the big music labels might be more prone to take down your work, etc. But Justin Bieber's new hit "What Do You Mean?" is the perfect twilight-of-summer track, and combined with Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" it makes a perfect mix for the beginning of autumn. The hardest part was filling in the second verse. I didn't want to just play the Bieber verse and none of the "September" parts sounded right. I went through and tried Ariana Grande, Ja Rule, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and others but the one that worked best and fit in with the greater vibe of the track was Kanye's "Touch the Sky," which is also my all time favorite Kanye song. I'm very pleased with the result and I hope you like it too. Sources below, I'll catch ya next week!

Full credits and source list:
"What Do You Mean?" - Justin Bieber
"September" - Earth, Wind & Fire
"Touch The Sky" - Kanye West

No. 3 - 99 Snakes: What a thrill

I made this track over a year ago and posted it to Soundcloud where it enjoyed a lot of attention and listeners. Unfortunately their copyright bots removed it and so I've decided to re-upload it today. It's especially appropriate considering that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain also released this week and by all accounts it is another masterpiece by Hideo Kojima, and probably his last.

This new re-mastered version is 3% sharper and faster than the last one and it's also punchier and more vibrant. The video pays homage to the opening cinematic from Snake Eater as well as the codec communication dialogue from the series. While The Twin Snakes is probably my favorite game in the series, the theme from Snake Eater is definitely the best one. I think it's Bond-ier than most James Bond themes and is a marvel of mood, atmosphere, and composition. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Here are the sources for "99 Snakes":
"Snake Eater" - Cynthia Harrell
"99 Problems" - Jay-Z
"Roc Boys" - Jay-Z
"Show Me What You Got" - Jay-Z
Sound effects from "Metal Gear Solid"

Video clips are from "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" and "99 Problems"

Artwork by Yoji Shinkawa

No. 2 - Waiting For My Fantasy: From your head to your toes

Back to my bread and butter: early 2000's pop, raunchy hip-hop, and unicorns. I finished this week's mashup in a relatively speedy 6 hours and it features a return to the sugary club anthems that I made when I first started out. "The Last Unicorn" track, while hardly audible at all, is actually the most important one as it is the anchor for the other ones in terms of tempo and quantization. Furthermore, it glosses over the muddiness from the Ludacris acapella track which is definitely not studio quality (and if anyone out there has a studio acapella of "What's Your Fantasy" please send it my way!). As always thanks for reading, watching, and listening. You're the best <3

Here is the full source list:
"Waiting For Tonight" - Jennifer Lopez
"What's Your Fantasy feat. Shawna" - Ludacris
"Round of Applause feat. Drake" - Waka Flocka Flame
"The Last Unicorn" - Jimmy Webb/America/London Symphony
Video clips are from "The Last Unicorn" 

No. 1 - Suit & TIE Fighters: There has been an Awakening, have you felt it?

From conception to final product, it took me over a year and a half to put together this mashup which, like so many great things in my life, began as a pun. 

Granted there were times when I took off weeks and months from working on this mix, but I always gravitated back to it. For whatever reason I became obsessed with fitting together as many Justin Timberlake and Star Wars songs as I could; it wasn't so much that I wanted to as much as I couldn't NOT do it. You would think that by now I'd be sick of both JT and Star Wars, but the opposite has happened and I now have a greater, almost spiritual, appreciation of both. 

I don't regret the countless hours I spent on this one single mashup. The technical and creative skills that I gained throughout this simultaneously frustrating and inspiring process have geared me up for another, even more ambitious idea, which I've had for even longer than Suit & TIE Fighters: to create and share one new music mashup every week, indefinitely. I have felt for a long time that I am one of the best in the world at this alchemic, quirky, and controversial artform and I think it's about time I prove it.

Below you'll find every source material that I used to create the eight and half minutes found in Suit & TIE Fighters, along with my disclaimer. Thanks a ton for reading, watching, and listening, and keep on the lookout, I've got so much more to come.

“Holy Grail” (JAY-Z)
“Like I Love You”
“3-Way (The Golden Rule)” (THE LONELY ISLAND + LADY GAGA)
“SexyBack” (feat. TIMBALAND)
“Tunnel Vision”
“Tunnel Vision” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“Ayo Technology” (50 CENT + TIMBALAND)
“What Goes Around...Comes Around”
“Rock Your Body”
“Here We Go” (*NSYNC)
“Summer Love”
“Suit & Tie” (feat. JAY-Z)

“Duel of the Fates/Qui-Gon’s Noble End”
“Duel of the Fates” (PLANET CORE Remix)
“Cantina Band” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)”
“The Princess Appears” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“A New Hope & End Credits” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“Main Title” (8-Bit Super Nintendo Remix)
“Augie’s Great Municipal Band & End Credits”
“Augie’s Great Municipal Band” (MECO Remix)
“The Return of the Jedi”
“The Return of the Jedi” (MECO Remix)
“Duel of the Fates” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“Ewok Celebration/Finale”
“Ewok Celebration” (MECO Remix)
“Ewok Celebration” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“Finale/End Credits”
“End Credits” (JON SABILLÓN Remix)
“Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk (MECO)

Holy Grail
Like I Love You
3-Way (The Golden Rule)
Tunnel Vision
Ayo Technology
What Goes Around...Comes Around (feat. SCARLETT JOHANSSON)
Rock Your Body
4 Minutes
Here We Go
Here We Go (Live in Germany, 1997)
Suit & Tie

Ep. I The Phantom Menace
Ep. II Attack of the Clones
Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
Ep. IV A New Hope
Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
Ep. VI The Return of the Jedi
Ep. VII The Force Awakens
The Force Unleashed
The Force Unleashed II
The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire
Star Wars Battlefront
Knights of the Old Republic
Super Star Wars
The Force Awakens George Lucas’ Special Edition (TIMTIMFED)
TIE Fighter Animation (PAUL JOHNSON/OTAKING 77077)

DISCLAIMER: “Suit & TIE Fighters” is a non-profit work for non-commercial use only. This work was produced for creative and promotional purposes only and is not for sale or resale; no money is being made from this work. It is not endorsed by Lucasfilm, Disney, Sony, RCA or any other entity and is not intended to undermine or compete with existing or forthcoming material. All trademarked and copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners and no claim or infringement is intended or implied.