No. 2 - Waiting For My Fantasy: From your head to your toes

Back to my bread and butter: early 2000's pop, raunchy hip-hop, and unicorns. I finished this week's mashup in a relatively speedy 6 hours and it features a return to the sugary club anthems that I made when I first started out. "The Last Unicorn" track, while hardly audible at all, is actually the most important one as it is the anchor for the other ones in terms of tempo and quantization. Furthermore, it glosses over the muddiness from the Ludacris acapella track which is definitely not studio quality (and if anyone out there has a studio acapella of "What's Your Fantasy" please send it my way!). As always thanks for reading, watching, and listening. You're the best <3

Here is the full source list:
"Waiting For Tonight" - Jennifer Lopez
"What's Your Fantasy feat. Shawna" - Ludacris
"Round of Applause feat. Drake" - Waka Flocka Flame
"The Last Unicorn" - Jimmy Webb/America/London Symphony
Video clips are from "The Last Unicorn"